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The accuracy of Amplex Red assay for hydrogen peroxide in the presence of 1 nanoparticles


We have shown the ability of different types of oxide nanoparticles, CeO2, Fe2O3, 2 TiO2 and SnO2 to skew the accuracy of detection of H2O2 using the widely applied Amplex 3 Red assay. These oxide materials are commonly employed in electronics manufacture, 4 industrial catalysis, and in the manufacture of consumer products, and their toxicological 5 profiles are not well understood. All four oxide nanoparticles demonstrated intrinsic 6 capability of converting Amplex Red molecules to fluorescent resorufin, even in the absence 7 of H2O2, both in aqueous solution as well as cell culture media. Kinetic parameters were 8 calculated and a simulated time dependent concentration profile generated to better 9 understand this complicated system. The results show that care is needed to be taken in 10 interpreting the result of seemly robust bioassays in the presence of nanoparticles