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Characteristics of Concrete Linked to Ballistic Resistance: Design of Testing Materials


In order to improve soldier protection in the battlefield, the US Army Corps of Engineers (CoE) has tested the ballistic resistance of numerous materials, which can be utilized to fabricate protective barriers. A new material that has given good results is the “Ultra High Performance Concrete” (UHPC), which has compressive strengths of about ten times that of normal concrete. The present study attempts to design and create the necessary specimens to perform a ballistic resistance analysis of the CoE UHPC. The specimens created were thin panels with three different variables: fiber reinforcement and compressive strength; each variable having three levels. The selection of the panels was made by making numerous sets of UHPC mixes varying the water to cement ratio and testing their compressive strength in order to select the desired strengths. The highest level for the compressive strength variable was the CoE UHPC named Cor-Tuf, with 30,000psi.