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Patterning and Electronic Tuning of Laser Scribed Graphene for Flexible All-Carbon Devices


Engineering a low-cost graphene-based electronic device has proven difficult to accomplish via a single-step fabrication process. Here we introduce a facile, inexpensive, solid-state method for generating, patterning, and electronic tuning of graphene-based materials. Laser scribed graphene (LSG) is shown to be successfully produced and selectively patterned from the direct laser irradiation of graphite oxide films under ambient conditions. Circuits and complex designs are directly patterned onto various flexible substrates without masks, templates, post-processing, transferring techniques, or metal catalysts. In addition, by varying the laser intensity and laser irradiation treatments, the electrical properties of LSG can be precisely tuned over 5 orders of magnitude of conductivity, a feature that has proven difficult with other methods. This inexpensive method for generating LSG on thin flexible substrates provides a mode for fabricating a low-cost graphene-based NO2 gas sensor and enables its use as a heterogeneous scaffold for the selective growth of Pt nanoparticles. The LSG also shows exceptional electrochemical activity that surpasses other carbon-based electrodes in electron charge transfer rate as demonstrated using a ferro-/ferricyanide redox couple.