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Sub-200 ps spin transfer torque switching in in-plane magnetic tunnel junctions with interface perpendicular anisotropy


Ultrafast spin transfer torque (STT) switching in an in-plane MgO magnetic tunnel junction with 50 nm×150 nm elliptical shape was demonstrated in this paper. Switching speeds as short as 165 ps and 190 ps at 50% and 98% switching probabilities, respectively, were observed without external field assistance in a thermally stable junction with a 101% tunnelling magnetoresistance ratio. The minimum writing energy of P-AP switching for 50% and 98% switching probability are 0.16 pJ and 0.21 pJ, respectively. The observed ultrafast switching is believed to occur because of partially cancelled out-of-plane demagnetizing field in the free layer from interface perpendicular anisotropy between the MgO layer and the Co20Fe60B20 layer. High J/Jc0 ratio and magnetization nucleation at the edge of free layer, which result from the reduced perpendicular demagnetizing field, are possibly two major factors that contribute to the ultrafast STT switching.