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Advancing Graduate Education in the Chemical Sciences


“Over the past 100 years the chemical sciences have contributed immensely to the security, health, and economic vitality of our nation. These practical benefits have been built on enormous advances in knowledge about molecules and their behavior. In turn, command of that knowledge has risen from sound chemical education in our nation’s colleges and universities and research contributions made by university faculty members, by professional scientists, and by graduate students as part of their pursuit of advanced degrees. A vital program of graduate education in the chemical sciences is essential to assure the continued success of the enterprise and to sustain our nation in an ever more technical and globalized world.

This report is the result of a deep and thorough analysis of the current state of graduate education in the chemical sciences. Its authors are leading experts in academia, industry, and government. The report is built on extensive fact-finding by chemical scientists and engineers representing every aspect of the enterprise ranging from beginning students to members of the National Academy of Sciences.

The Commission was appointed and charged by American Chemical Society President Bassam Z. Shakhashiri to undertake a wholesale review over a year-long period. Appendix A identifies the members of the Commission, as well as its special advisors and many additional participants invited into its topical working groups. Appendix B provides President Shakhashiri’s charge letter…"