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Clean Tech Reviews 2013


Self-published ebook by the Clean Energy for Green Industry IGERT (CGI). Covers a variety of topics in clean energy, (micro-wind, solar thermal, multi-junction PV, technology scorecard, carbon policy), as well as a report of the ReSET 2012 workshop organized by CGI. PDF version available but the ebook version for iPads has interactive features.

The content is based on the work trainees did as part of one of the courses created by the CGI faculty members. Through collaborations formed during another of the courses the trainees are required to take, the work was to be published in a student-run paper at UCLA. However, that paper folded over the course of the project and CGI trainee Omar Asensio spearheaded the self-publishing effort by creating the ebook version and making it available for all to freely download.

Content contributors: David Watts, Leland Smith, Joshua Shapiro, Brian Roizen, Ian McKinley, Hao-Yuan Chang, Igor Bogorad, Brion Bob, Rita Blaik, Omar I. Asensio.

Scientific Reviewers: Nick Nairn-Birch, Rita Blaik, Igor Bogorad, Ian McKinley, Josh Shapiro, Leland Smith.