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Composite axial/core-shell nanopillar light-emitting diodes at 1.3um


Selective-area growth of III-V nanopillars (NPs) is used to demonstrate near-infrared emitters that employ a composite axial/core-shell heterostructure. The axial p-i-n heterostructure allows growth of strain relaxed InGaAs inserts emitting at 1.3µm. Radial growth of an InGaP shell provides in-situ surface passivation to reduce non-radiative recombination and space-charge limited transport due to mid-gap surface states. The resulting light-emitting diode is comparable to bulk devices with an ideality factor of η=1.67 and reverse bias leakage of 12 nA at -5V. This device performance makes the combination of axial current injection with in-situ passivation a promising approach to NP based emitters.