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Internship in Coastal Management


[This course] places IGERT trainees with agencies, non-governmental organizations and other partners to provide students with real world experience working in offices, labs and in the field. This internship provides trainees with an intensive work experience with policy makers and other stakeholders. IGERT interns (second-year trainees) will meet regularly on a formal basis with IGERT faculty and first-year IGERT trainees. The objectives of the meetings are (1) to ensure the internship opportunity is utilized most effectively; (2) to provide a forum for IGERT interns to share their learning experiences; (3) to provide an opportunity for faculty and peer trainees to offer insights, points of inquiry or informed practices to enhance the value of the ttrainee’s contribution to the host site; and (4) to provide insights to first-year IGERT trainees which better prepares them for their own
internship the following year.