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Nanomedicine Outreach


Nanomedicine Science and Technology is an Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) program at Northeastern University, supported by National Science Foundation (NSF). IGERT Nanomedicine program has put together a very successful outreach program. An educational program to introduce concepts of nanotechnology to local area high school students and teachers has been developed by the IGERT Nanomedicine trainees. “Introduction to Nanoworld” is a lecture and laboratory demonstration of how nanotechnology can be used in medicine. To date, participants include middle school students from Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp, high school students in the Young Scholars Program and K-12 teachers from the Research Experience for Teachers (RET) Program. Participants synthesized magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles and explored the use of these in diagnostics, biological imaging, drug delivery and therapeutics. The IGERT trainees have learned to conceptualize their research, separate minutiae from the broad perspective, and be able to communicate the essential ideas of one’s work to a broad audience.

Address Goals

Participation in outreach activities is a key component of the Nanomedicine IGERT students in this National Science Foundation (NSF) supported program. IGERT trainees, as a group, have put together a remarkable, interesting and informative set of activities that include a laboratory experience for high students to kindle their interest in nanotechnology. The program conveys the excitement of research findings at the frontiers of knowledge to high school students and teachers in a thoughtful and substantive manner. The K-12 students were challenged to probe the journey of nanomedicine to the clinic, considering future implications and current obstacles. The ultimate goal of this outreach program is to encourage under-represented communities to enter STEM areas of higher study.