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Nanomedicine Seminar Series


IGERT Nanomedicine Distinguished Lecture Series: The IGERT program for Nanomedicine Science and Technology at Northeastern University supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) has developed the IGERT Nanomedicine Distinguished Lecture Series. This lecture series hosts some of the best researchers in the field of Nanomedicine to give presentations of their work to IGERT students as well as to the university at large.

Address Goals

The IGERT Nanomedicine Distinguished Lecture Series is a forum to foster interdisciplinary research that helps translate fundamental science to benefit humankind. Faculty members, IGERT trainees and IGERT associates get a unique opportunity to learn the latest in the field of nanomedicine and this in turn helps them in their own research efforts. Following seminars, IGERT students meet with the presenter for an informal luncheon. This undoubtedly provides IGERT trainees with invaluable exposure to interdisciplinary research. This forum provides opportunities explore research collaboration and internship. In addition, students use this seminar series to hone their networking skills as part of their professional development.