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Dr. Joshua Auld, Recent CTS-IGERT Graduate, Receives the 2011 Kitamura Award


The Transportation Research Board of the National Academies has established an award in honor of Ryuichi Kitamura and his contributions in the areas of activity-based analysis, travel demand modeling, time-use research, dynamic analysis of travel behavior, travel survey methods, and transportation policy studies. The award is given at the annual Transportation Research Board meeting for the year’s best student paper. The winner of the 2011 award is recent Computational Transportation Science-IGERT graduate, Joshua Auld, whose advisor, Abolfazal (Kouros) Mohammadian was in attendance for the award presentation.

Josh received the Ryuichi Kitamura award for his work entitled Planning Constrained Destination Choice in the ADAPTS Activity-Based Model.

Address Goals

Joshua has recently graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago as a PhD in Civil and Material Engineering and a CTS IGERT fellow. He is bringing the research skills learned as a student into the “real world” where his work can have an impact and can alter the way in which people travel.