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IGERT Trainee Tony Reames' Research inspires invitation to Greenland


Based on research started in the spring 2012 IGERT C-CHANGE course, Climate Change in Greenland & the Arctic, IGERT Trainee Tony Reames was invited to attend the First International Conference on Urbanisation in the Arctic in Nuuk, Greenland from August 28-30, 2012 to present research entitled, “The Impact of Arctic Urbanization: The Urban Heat Island Effect in Nuuk, Greenland.” The project discusses implications for public policymakers regarding mitigation and adaptation as more people emigrate to urban areas in the arctic as a result of climate change. The conference was organized by Nordregio, in cooperation with Ilisimatusarfik, University of Greenland for researchers and policymakers who are directly involved in the development of Arctic societies.

Address Goals

This project builds on the work of C-CHANGE Colloquium speaker and Arizona State University Sociology Professor Sharon Harlan, who directs NSF-funded interdisciplinary research teams investigating spatial variation in the urban heat island and the implications of climate change for heat-related health inequalities in urban neighborhoods. Reames’s work will advance understandings of the global effect of urban-heat islands on climate change.