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NSF IGERT 2013 Video & Poster Competition
NSF IGERT 2012 Video & Poster Competition

Project Profile

IGERT: Applied Biodiversity Science - Bridging Ecology, Culture, and Governance for Effective Conservation in the Americas

Texas A & M University Main Campus


One of the most vexing challenges of the 21st century is curbing the loss of biodiversity. All too often, however, disconnects between scientific disciplines, conservation institutions, and practical implementation hinder effective biodiversity conservation. This Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) program in Applied Biodiversity Science (ABS) at Texas A… more »


Project members' contributions to the library and showcase are listed here.
Title Category Type Posted At
Amazon Field School Showcase Highlight 12/02/13
Interdisciplinary Team for Bat Conservation in Mexico Showcase Highlight 12/02/13
IGERT core courses Showcase Achievement 11/19/13
Outreach to audiences on biodiversity issues and program goals Showcase Achievement 11/19/13
Postdoctoral Research Rangeland Management Specialist Showcase Achievement 11/19/13
Collective action and its impact on fish density in Brazil Showcase Achievement 11/19/13
Students initiate online publication Showcase Achievement 11/19/13
Match between conservation scaling and ecological scaling Showcase Achievement 11/19/13
IGERT implemented university-wide seminar series Showcase Achievement 11/19/13
Ecology of large rivers with challenges of natural resource management Showcase Achievement 11/19/13