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World Rivers in the 21st Century

A Workshop sponsored by the SIUC IGERT Program in Watershed Science & Policy and the Global Media Research Center streamed live on on November 7th, 2011.

SIU Carbondale’s Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship Program in Watershed Science and Policy, along with the University’s Center for Ecology, is sponsoring Philip Weller, executive secretary of the United Nations-based International Commission for the Protection of Danube River, Austria. Weller’s presentation will follow a workshop, sponsored by the IGERT program and the SIU Carbondale Global Media Research Center, on rivers, watersheds and conservation issues.

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Featured Video

Keynote Speaker

Philip Weller, an internationally known expert on preserving one of Europe’s most important rivers will give a presentation during an afternoon of watershed conservation discussions at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.
Watch Full length video (01:05:00) »

Contemporary issues on the Mekong River

Shana Udvardy,
director of Flood Management Policy, American Rivers
Watch Full length video (15 minutes) »

Room for the River: Flood reduction in The Netherlands

Fredrik Huthoff,
post graduate fellow in geology at SIU Carbondale and HKV Consultants
Watch Full length video (17 minutes) »

Current water management needs in the Nile River Basin

Ben Dziegielewski,
professor of geography and environmental resources at SIU Carbondale
Watch Full length video (16 minutes) »

Property Issues and Press Coverage During the 2011 Activation of the Birds Point­New Madrid Floodway, Mississippi River, USA

William Freivogel, director of the School of Journalism
Laura Hatcher, assistant professor of political science, SIU Carbondale.
Watch Full length video (22 minutes) »

Great Rivers That Work for People and Nature

David Galat,
University of Missouri in partnership with The Nature Conservancy
Watch Full length video (16 minutes) »

Roundtable discussion

John Warwick,
dean of the College of Engineering, moderator
Watch Full length video (27 minutes) »

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