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Nanotechnology-based systems for drug delivery

Research Achievements

Nanotechnology-based systems for drug delivery

Nanotechnology-based systems for localized drug delivery are currently being investigated at the IGERT Nanomedicine Program at Northeastern University. These systems, which are better than current delivery systems, help minimize side effects, improve efficacy of treatment and also allows for simultaneous delivery of multiple drug molecules. IGERT trainee, Savidra Lucatero has created nanoporous gold coatings on medical grade stainless steel for localized delivery from implant surfaces. By controlling the pore size, thickness, drug loading and hence release are tailored to suit the application. In another project, IGERT trainee Thomas Barchet is selectively delivering drugs to the brain across the blood brain barrier using nanoparticles. Nanoemulsions with drug molecules encapsulated inside are made from polysaturated fatty-acids. Specific focus of this research work is to deliver drugs that will have a direct consequence in neuroprotection in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.