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Trainees participate in special rotations

Research Achievements

Trainees participate in special rotations

All IGERT trainees are participating in a special IGERT rotation "IGERT: Research with the Encyclopedia of Life" in the Spring Quarter 2010. This rotation is being held at the Synthesis Center in the Field Museum of Natural History. It is supervised by Mark Westneat, member of the IGERT Executive Committee and advisor to two IGERT trainees. As discussed in our IGERT proposal, this rotation in animal function and evolutionary synthesis not only will give all IGERT trainees the opportunity to work with Synthesis Center director Mark Westneat, it also will allow each of them to develop a new web page or other web content in the Encyclopedia of Life. a MacArthur foundation-supported project to develop an online encyclopedia that aims to create pages for all organisms, presenting images, biology, ecology and other relevant information. This web site is for public and scientific use.