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Interdisciplinary internships expand research

Research Achievements

Interdisciplinary internships expand research

IGERT trainees continue to use interdisciplinary internship opportunities to expand their research efforts. Trainee Ellison Carter (Environmental Engineering) interned at NIST, where she worked with analytical chemists, material scientists and mechanical and environmental engineers. She designed a bench-scale system to test performance of gas-phase air cleaning media and used it to study the adsorption behavior of formaldehyde to activated carbon. Her efforts produced a system that will provide essential data for her doctoral work and inform the continued use of the experimental system for development of new standards at NIST for gas-phase air-cleaning. Trainee Sonny Rosenthal (Advertising) interned in the Indoor Environments Division of the USEPA. There, he collaborated with scientists and an economist to further his dissertation research, which explores people's motivation to seek information about climate change, weatherization and indoor air quality.