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Trainee organize and execute new seminar course

Research Achievements

Trainee organize and execute new seminar course

Under the direction of IGERT PI, Dr. David C. Johnson, IGERT trainees Chris Weber (UO Chemistry) and Ian Moody (UO Chemistry) were instrumental in organizing and executing a new seminar course, "Ethical Conduct of Research," available to our training grant students. Moody and Weber assisted in preparing a course outline/syllabus and preparing course materials to provide an overview of topics related to the responsible conduct of research, consistent with ongoing University of Oregon practice in this area. They have also been active in leading discussions during the course itself. The course explores the ethical challenges and expectations related to critical topics, including but not limited to: human subjects, mentor/trainee responsibilities, research misconduct, peer review, and collaborative science. It has been made available to off-site trainees using a video studio, which is also used for the project's regular IGERT seminar series.