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Trainee wins second place in poster competition

Research Achievements

Trainee wins second place in poster competition

Shayna Brocato has won Second Place in the student poster competition at the 217th Electrochemical Society Meeting in Vancouver, BC held on April 25-30, 2010 for her poster on "DNA-Directed Assembly of Enzymes and Nanomaterials: Small Laccase - Carbon Nanotube Supramolecular Assemblies". As part of her INCBN IGERT lab rotation requirement, she worked in the Center for Biomedical Engineering lab of Dr. Eva Chi, who was a co-author on the award winning poster. Chi's lab is equipped with the centrifugation machine used for preparation of the DNA-carbon nanotube (CNT) samples, circular dichroism spectrometer used to study the interaction between DNA and CNT (the CNTs are hypothesized to be wrapped with DNA), and spectrometer used to determine protein concentrations in the DNA and enzyme samples.