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Trainees participate in weekly round tables

Research Achievements

Trainees participate in weekly round tables

IGERT Fellows participated in weekly round tables. Some of the round tables were used for technical discussions such as an overview of numerical techniques and the Strong Motion Program (collection and analysis of seismic activity), led by faculty at both NU and UPRM. Some were used as a sort of journal club to get Fellows accustomed to reading, analyzing and discussing journal articles. Some of the round tables allowed Fellows to present their research and discuss challenges and successes they've encountered. Professor Chris Bosso led round tables investigating policy issues encountered when attempting to implement public infrastructure reforms, using the New Delhi Water and Power case study. Round tables were used to discuss the overall concepts and goals of "Intelligent Diagnostics" and to establish a three-level diagram indicating the progression of the various IGERT projects from the Fundamental Science level to up through the Systems level.