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New VOTERS project

Research Achievements

New VOTERS project

The new VOTERS project (funded by NIST with $9M) was described in the 2009 IGERT Annual report. Two IGERT Fellows, Alyson Stuer and Adnan Jamil, work in areas that support the VOTERS Civil Infrastructure Diagnostics project, which strives to develop new technologies for integrated and rapid assessment of infrastructure systems. Both Fellows have presented their work and have integrated with collaborators in industry. Alyson's project relates to Performance Specification goals to ensure that the data collected from VOTERS sensors can be interpreted to make informed and meaningful decisions related to the condition of the infrastructure. The goal is to design the system output to be used in an intelligent Geographic Information System framework. Adnan's work is to exploit the use of computational modeling to develop physics based simulated responses for Ground Penetrating Radar signals that can be used to characterize subsurface defects.