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In-network query processing in mobile networks

Research Achievements

In-network query processing in mobile networks

We also studied in-network query processing in mobile peer-to-peer networks. In the transportation environment, such a network is envisioned by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) IntelliDrive initiative for querying and dissemination of safety and mobility information. In-network query processing in such an environment is challenging because (i) the network topology is highly dynamic and subjected to disconnections; and (ii) bandwidth and memory of mobile nodes are constrained. We proposed a query processing method that uses cooperative caching. It makes the data items satisfy a query flow to its originator. To cope with communication bandwidth and storage constraints, the method prioritizes the data-items in terms of their value, relative to supply and demand. Simulations based on real-life mobility traces identify the situations in which our approach outperforms a series of existing cooperative caching strategies and an existing mobile sensor network algorithm.