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Lectures by leaders in the field

Research Achievements

Lectures by leaders in the field

We have offered a number of research seminars and lectures by leaders in the field of plant biotechnology to CREATE trainees and the campus community. In Nov 2009, we hosted a Distinguished Lecture by Dr. Maurice Moloney (SemBioSys, now Rothamsted), a pioneer in the development of GM oil seed crops and in planta therapeutics. In April, we hosted a lecture by Dr. Charlie Arntzen as part of the ECH/MCB294 Current Progress in Biotechnology series (required CREATE coursework). He is an internationally reknowned expert in the production of plant-based vaccines and therapeutics. Other CREATE co-sponsored ECH/MCB seminars since last fall include talks on algal biodiesel (Arthur Grossman, Stanford and Solazyme), biofuels IP (Mike Ward Morrison & Foerster), cellulosic biomass (Paul Bryan, Chevron) and GM crops (Linda Castle, Verdia-Pioneer).