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Trainee's project requires cross-disciplinary research

Research Achievements

Trainee's project requires cross-disciplinary research

Tiffany Glavan's project in plant-based therapeutics requires cross-disciplinary research spanning immunology, molecular biology, chemical engineering and plant science. In 2009, Tiffany, Prof. Karen McDonald (CREATE-IGERT PI), Dr. Larry Joh (CREATE Program Engineer) and Sang Kyu Jung (doctoral student - McDonald Lab) participated in a Toolbox Workshop to enhance communication across their collaborative research group. The workshop was conducted by Michael O'Rourke and his team, as part of their NSF-sponsored project (Award #0823058), "Improving Communication in Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration". Tiffany's research has recently led to the successful production of commercially-relevant levels of R-spondin, a protein with therapeutic uses for regeneration of the intestinal epithelium, in plants.