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Internships inform dissertation research

Research Achievements

Internships inform dissertation research

The internship course in the Coastal Institute IGERT Project has resulted in a number of exciting learning opportunities for our current cohort of trainees. For example, Brita Jessen's internship working on mangrove ecosystems at the University of Puerto Rico has developed into her dissertation research project. Bogdan Prokopovych's work with the U.S. State Department in Azerbaijan will inform a major part of his dissertation research. Rob Griffin's work in Bremerhaven, Germany on marine spatial planning will comprise an important part of his dissertation research. Trisha Towanda's internship with the National Park Service and Julia Hyman's work with the EPA are teaching the trainees many new technical skills. Donald Bacoat's work on mariculture in the Caribbean will be the basis of his Ph.D. research on tuna farming.