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Trainees prepare to give research presentations

Education Achievements

Trainees prepare to give research presentations

Our IGERT convened students from UC’s Colleges of Medicine, Engineering and Applied Science, and Pharmacy. As part of the training process, each trainee distributed a review article in his/her specific area of biomembrane research to the other trainees for their preparation and orientation. One week later, each presented a 45-minute lecture to the group (trainees, PI or co-PI, and coordinator) about their research design and results. This exercise served three purposes. 1) To formulate his/her lecture in a “reader-centered” context to communicate with and not just impress the audience. 2) To emphasize the importance of planning the length of the talk in consideration of the audience. 3) To ensure each trainee read the article prior to each lecture and formulated and asked relevant questions of the presenter. Seminars were led by the PI or one of the co-PIs who critiqued the process. Each trainee is now better prepared to give a national or international research presentation.