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Trainees offered learning experiences

Education Achievements

Trainees offered learning experiences

Each trainee has been offered two valuable learning experiences. 1) The IGERT PI and co-PIs agreed to cover the expenses for any current trainee to present his/her biomembrane research at a national research conference if the abstract was accepted for either podium or poster presentation. Each trainee was encouraged to give a “trial” presentation before the conference for input from other trainees. Four of our trainees (Breidenbach, MacMaster, Tolia, and Palluch) have or will be giving these presentations during this IGERT period (see Trainee Achievements). 2) Each trainee was encouraged to work with his/her advisor to identify an international mentor and laboratory where the student could learn new methods and approaches in a new laboratory setting. Upon return, each trainee could share this experience and data collected with their lab group and with other IGERT trainees. Four trainees (Breidenbach, Salem, Tolia, Palluch) will be participating this Summer in Europe and Jordan.