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Advanced sustainability graduate course

Education Achievements

Advanced sustainability graduate course

During the Spring semester of 2011, Dr. David Shonnard organized an advanced sustainability graduate course, Sustainable Futures 2 (SF2), around a set of eight sustainability themes (instructors); 1. Concepts and Theories of Sustainability (Shonnard) 2. Understanding and Analysis of Complex Human/Natural Systems (Mukherjee) 3. Development Theories (Modernization Theory, …) (Henquinet) 4. Ecological Economic Analysis for Sustainability (Solomon) 5. Policy Development for Sustainability (Shonnard) 6. Sustainability Indicators and Metrics (Mayer) 7. Sustainability and Innovation (Handler) 8. Developing World Sustainability (Watkins and Shonnard) This course featured an “active learning” approach in which students in class were required to develop a case study that extended the introductory concepts on each theme. As part of the student-led case study, they were to identify and assign readings, prepare a summary of the readings, and lead in-class discussions of the case study theme.