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Revisions to Intro Bio Lab

Trainee Achievements

Revisions to Intro Bio Lab

IGERT trainee Susanah Gordon-Messer worked with Brandeis undergrads and faculty to revise the introductory biology laboratory, and jointly published a paper on this experiment. Students in the course now design their own mutant of γD crystallin (a human protein implicated in congenital and age-onset cataractogenesis) using site-directed mutagenesis, purify and express their protein, and then study its stability using fluorescence and AFM.

A new paper in CBE – Life Sciences Education by Brandeis undergraduates Dan Treacy, Rebecca Miller, Stefan Isaac, Danielle Saly, and Saumya Sankaran, together with grad student Susannah Gordon-Messer and Assistant Professor of Biology Melissa Kosinski-Collins, discusses a two-year study focused on assessing both student perception of the course and analyzing the levels conceptual understanding and knowledge retention of participants.