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Energy and Sustainability symposium

Trainee Achievements

Energy and Sustainability symposium

Michael Maeyda and Dan Kasper organized our yearly symposium Energy and Sustainability. The conference took place over three days. On the first day technical talks from researchers at the University of Delaware and other local universities were presented. Speakers included Aurelien Du Pasquier from Rutgers, Andrew Rappe from U. Penn, and Ah-Hyung Park from Columbia, as well as many from the University of Delaware. Amanda Little, author of Power Trip, was keynote speaker. The second day had more of a policy flavor with talks by Tom Cage, CEO of AC Propulsion, and a debate on Carbon Cap and Trade. The third day, a Saturday, included many workshops and talks, by, example a planner for the Delaware DOT, about low energy froms of transportation. There was a poster session, and a streaming video of the conference was posted on the IGERT web site.