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Fabrication of thin film devices

Research Achievements

Fabrication of thin film devices

Maisha Kamunde-Devonish's (DW Johnson, U. of Oregon) research focuses on developing green synthetic methods to produce thin films from inorganic precursors for use in electronics. Johnson group researchers have prepared Group 13 inorganic clusters as precursors for thin film devices that eliminate issues associated with high-energy fabrication and device irregularities. In collaboration with Dr. Doug Keszler's group, they have been fabricated into thin film devices with similar performance to traditional Si-based devices. Solid-state NMR is being used to grasp the properties of these discrete species with help from Dr. Sophia Hayes' group. This work shows 3 distinct sites in the aluminum cluster indicating variations between the Al ions within the cluster. Kamunde-Devonish has synthesized a polymeric compound that contains sulfate bridging ligands and is anionic. This may be useful in anion exchange experiments that will allow creation of clusters of tertiary and quaternary structure.