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Trainees plan conference, invite speakers

Education Achievements

Trainees plan conference, invite speakers

The annual Materials Science Institute IGERT Conference is an exceptional opportunity to interact with trainees from other disciplines as well as professors and industry professionals. Trainees are key participants in conference planning and the invitation of industrial and academic guests and speakers. Featured speakers were: Frieder Jakle, Rutgers U. "Boron and Conjugated Polymers: A Colorful Combination"; Mark MacLachlan, U. of British Columbia. "Supramolecular Approaches to New Porous Materials"; Alan Van Orden, Colorado State U. "Single Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Semiconductor Quantum Dot Clusters"; Rachel Smith, Life Technologies. ?Nanoscience at LIFE: Enabling Personalized and Precision Medicine"; Neil Branda, Simon Fraser U. "Molecular Switches- light switchable polymers for drug delivery, data storage, enzymatic control"; David Cobden, U. of Washington. "Nanoscale Behavior of Strongly Correlated Materials and Phase Transitions in Cylindrical Monolayers"