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Trainees wins student research award

Trainee Achievements

Trainees wins student research award

Patrick J. Cutler has won the 2011 Student Research Achievement Award at the Biophysical Society 55th Annual Meeting held in Baltimore, Maryland March 5-9, 2011 for his poster presentation on “Single Particle Tracking of QD-IgE in Hyperspectral Fluorescent Images”. His travel to the conference was covered by the INCBN IGERT program. The main goal of Patrick’s research is to gain a better understanding of membrane protein dynamics. His approach involves single particle tracking of membrane proteins labeled with quantum dots (QDs), and high-speed hyperspectral line scanning microscopy. In the award-winning poster, the hyperspectral line scanning microscope and single particle tracking algorithms are demonstrated with experiments of QD-IgE bound to Fc(epsilon)RI on live cells. The IGERT program has provided Patrick with the opportunity to work in a very interdisciplinary environment of cell biology and biophysics.