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Two-day retreat for new trainees

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Two-day retreat for new trainees

GLOBES-IGERT trainees represent a mix of disciplines that includes Biological sciences (25), Economics (3), History (3), Sociology (2) and Theology (1) over 5 cohorts beginning with Cohort 1 in Fall of 2006. Developing a sense of community is key to encouraging the cross dialogue and collaboration necessary for successful interdisciplinary research to take place. At the suggestion of current trainees, a two-day retreat organized by fellows was launched in September 2010 for the purpose of welcoming the new cohort, introducing ongoing research efforts, and exploring possible collaborations. Students only were present the first day and GLOBES faculty joined in the second-day activities and discussions. The required 1-credit GLOBES Graduate Seminar over Fall Semester was also revamped to incorporate presentations on individual research in various disciplines and interdisciplinary team presentations that forced trainees to explore a subject outside of their "home" research area.