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Trainees actively involved in REU program

Education Achievements

Trainees actively involved in REU program

The GLOBES-IGERT program continued its third year of offering summer research fellowships to undergraduate students. More than 40 students applied and 10 received summer awards: six non-Notre Dame students were funded by IGERT and four Notre Dame students by University cost-share funds. GLOBES-IGERT trainees are actively involved in the REU program: they submit REU projects, participate in the application review and interview process and make final recommendations for project placement. They also develop leadership and teaching skills in the mentoring process while nurturing undergraduate research acumen. GLOBES trainees added an interdisciplinary research panel discussion over informal dinners to the schedule of workshops and social activities developed for REU students. GLOBES REUs also gave poster presentations and talks during the Summer Research Symposium that involved multiple departments on the Notre Dame campus.