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Bridging academia and journalism

Education Achievements

Bridging academia and journalism

Meet the Press, a two-day workshop focused on media communications, was held on October 22 and 23 for GLOBES IGERT trainees and associates. The workshop purpose was to prepare participants to bridge the worlds of academia and journalism by learning to speak to journalists and lay audiences about their work in a clear and engaging manner. Conducted by professional trainers from the COMPASS staff, in consultation with GLOBES Co-PI David Lodge, the workshop also featured three journalist trainers from Science News, the Chicago Tribune and regional television affiliate WNDU TV. The guest journalists shared examples of their work and sat in on mock interview scenarios with the students. New media, podcast production and one-on-one on-camera interviews were part of the second day, hands-on activities. A pre-workshop survey and webinar gauged participants' needs and introduced activities and assignments including production of a one-pager describing their research using the Message Box tool.