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Bioinformatics curriculum developed by students

Trainee Achievements

Bioinformatics curriculum developed by students

Dylan Storey and Rachel Adams have successfully acquired permission to implement a bioinformatics curriculum that they developed for incoming Genome Science and Technology students. They saw a need to train fellow students in the basics of PERL scripting and make sure that each GST student was able to perform certain informatics-related tasks (primer design, sequence alignment, FASTA file manipulation). To that end, with the support and aid of the SCALE-IT program manager, they developed a syllabus and hands-on programming exercises designed to run in parallel to the GST core bioinformatics course. The GST program director and course instructor have approved the addition and integration of the trainees' material. Dylan and Rachel will be supported by the SCALE-IT program as part of the new Innovation in Research and Education Grant program and will count for the GST teaching requirement.