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Introduction to the Nanoworld presentation series

Trainee Achievements

Introduction to the Nanoworld presentation series

Our IGERT Nanomedicine Trainees continue to regularly showcase "Introduction to the Nanoworld" presentation series to local area middle and high school students, and teaching staff. The series consists of a Nanomedicine related slide show, and lab experiment that teaches audiences about Nanomedicine and its applications. "Intro to Nanoworld" continues to be perfected and has become a popular outreach activity that IGERT trainees can modify and cater to their audiences. The presentation was created by one of our first IGERT trainees, Lara Jabr, and is now organized by current IGERT trainee, Brian Plouffe. Participants have included middle school students from the Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp, high school students in the Young Scholars Program, and K-12 teachers from the Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) program.