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Novel imaging techniques using nanotechnology

Research Achievements

Novel imaging techniques using nanotechnology

Novel imaging techniques using nanotechnology: One of the significant contributions of the field of nanotechnology in medicine has been in imaging. Use of nanoparticles for imaging has opened up new avenues for research. IGERT trainee Yogesh Patel is using the unique plasmonic response of nano-sized metallic particles as an imaging tool in skin cancer diagnosis. Amplification of various linear and nonlinear optical processes from these nanoparticles results in opportunites to image them through multi modal detection techniques. Another IGERT trainee, Tatyana Chernenko is using Raman microspectroscopic techniques for cellular and sub-cellular imaging. This is a unique non-invasive and non-destructive method for precise sub-cellular imaging without the use of organic dyes as tags. This method is very useful in understanding the kinetics of drug and gene delivery from within the cells.