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Three new research courses

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Three new research courses

3 new research courses: Intro to Embodied Cognitive Science (Randy Beer, 14 enrolled, 8 IGERT) introduces the ideas of situatedness, embodiment and dynamics in cognitive science. It covers key concepts and their historical development, using examples from philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, robotics, and social sciences. Networks of the Brain (Olaf Sporns, 24 enrolled, 6 IGERT) explores the complexity of the brain?s architecture on several levels, including neuroanatomy, spontaneous dynamics, neurocognitive networks, development and disease states, and embodiment. Building on graph and information theory and nonlinear dynamics, both empirical and computational studies are examined. An Embodied Approach to the Development of Brain and Behavior (Karin James, 7 enrolled, 2 IGERT) is designed to introduce issues in cognitive development related to action and perception systems, focusing on interactions among brain, body and environment for the production of human behavior.