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New theory of inference judgments

Research Achievements

New theory of inference judgments

IGERT trainee Jennifer Trueblood achieved two quite different but important goals this period. First and foremost, she developed and experimentally tested a new theory of human inference judgments based on quantum probability principles. Her work takes the mathematical basis of quantum probability and applies this to theory to explain paradoxical findings concerning human judgment behavior. Her work was published in Psychological Review and another publication that will soon appear in Cognitive Science. Second, she developed and empirically evaluated a new dynamic decision model for a go-no go task which has been used to study impulsive behavior in drug abusing populations. Hierarchical Bayesian analysis was used to estimate the individual parameters from this model, and the individual differences in these parameters were used to characterize differences between drug abusers and controls on this task. This work will appear in the 2011 Proceedings of the Cognitive Science Society.