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Trainees work on community project

Research Achievements

Trainees work on community project

Following several months of research introductions, meetings, and presentations by faculty and invited lecturers, IGERT Trainees and Fellows began work on a community project: assessing the energy usage and areas where savings might be achieved at the University United Methodist Church near the UT campus. A tour and blueprints of the facilities have been reviewed. Teams will address several relevant energy issues:

1. Chiller operation / interface with vendor / age /efficiency, boilers - Estes, Powell, Charlton 2. Air handling / HVAC system, airflow in sanctuary - Tuttle, Upshaw, Cole 3. Building/blueprint analysis, window heat loss - Bourne, Rhodes 4. Lighting (efficiency, modernization), motion sensors - Toliyat, Sriprasad 5. Energy audit / circuit breaker issue / water consumption - Dahlberg, Fares An energy audit report and recommendations will be presented to UUMC board of directors and members responsible for enlisting the help of the IGERT Fellows and Associates.