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Interdisciplinary courses

Education Achievements

Interdisciplinary courses

The IGERT program offered an interdisciplinary course 'Introduction to Nanomedicine Science and Technology' that is required for all IGERT fellows. Through this course, the IGERT fellows are provided with a solid foundation in all aspect in the field of nanomedicine. There has been tremendous interest within the Northeastern University community for these course and are offered to non-IGERT students as well. Some of the cutting-edge nanomedical technologies that are used for sensing and imaging, drug delivery, and therapeutic applications were covered. In addition to NEU faculty members, speakers from local area hospitals and research establishments were also invited to give guest lectures. In an effort to engage the remote partner sites through course work, the course was delivered simultaneously to these sites using web-based technology. This technology provides a two-way dialogue to not only attend the lecture but also actively participate in it.