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Nanotechnology in disease diagnosis

Research Achievements

Nanotechnology in disease diagnosis

Development of sensors using nanotechnology for early detection of disease is one of the themes of the IGERT Nanomedicine Science and Technology Program at Northeastern University. The research project of IGERT fellow Samira Faegh is to develop piezoactive bio-nanomechanical cantilever force sensors (NMCS) for disease diagnosis. Detection of multiple analytes requires sensitive biosensing tools capable of transducing molecular interactions into some physical quantity. In this project, a microcantilever-based detection technique equipped with piezoactive read-out device that enables transduction of molecular recognition into a nanomechanical motion will be used. These NMCS offers advantages over other detection techniques such as low cost, simplicity, high sensitivity and low sample consumption. Biosensors using NMCS will be developed to detect glucose concentration in blood and for the detection of biomarkers of acute myocardial infarction.