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Climate and National Security symposium

Research Achievements

Climate and National Security symposium

In June 2010, participants from military, DOD, academia, nonprofit and corporate entities, and the public gathered for a symposium titled Climate and National Security: Securing Better Forecasts, hosted by the Center for Environment and National Security at the SIO. The goal was to discuss the impacts of climate change on national security and brainstorm about future science and policy needs. IGERT second year students displayed posters on the threats of climate change to national security. These students are now publishing a short report highlighting the state of the science on this topic, the actions that are already being undertaken by the US military, and the next steps required by the government to curb rising threats from climate change and support the military in the future. The students plan to take their report to members of congress on both sides of the aisle and in doing so, hope to garner more non-partisan support for the issue of climate change.