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IGERT seminars and stats workshop

Education Achievements

IGERT seminars and stats workshop

Two IGERT seminars and one statistics workshop were taught during the 2010-11 academic year by participating faculty. The seminar Resilience in Changing Landscapes was taught by Alex Fremier from UI and Fabrice De Clerck from CATIE in the fall 2010. During the seminar, students from both institutions reviewed the literature on resilience and led discussions on the subject. The Cross-disciplinary Research seminar was taught by Penelope Morgan and JD Wulfhorst and provided students the opportunity to present talks on their disciplinary research with an emphasis on cross-disciplinary integration. A workshop on Statistical Approaches to Interdisciplinary Data Analysis was taught by Chris Williams in the Spring 2011. Students gained experience analyzing different types of data sets so as to understand options that are available when data may not follow parametric assumptions, or have complicated structures.