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IGERT PI team receives award

Research Achievements

IGERT PI team receives award

The IGERT Principal Investigators' team composed of Nilsa Bosque Perez, Lisette Waits, Jo Ellen Force, J.D. Wulfhorst, Sanford Eigenbrode, and Penny Morgan was the recipient of the University of Idaho 2011 Interdisciplinary or Collaborative Efforts Excellence Award. The award honors faculty members who exemplify interdisciplinary or collaborative efforts. The faculty members were recognized by the University for being active leaders of interdisciplinary programs, being at the forefront of integrative graduate education not only at the university but nationally, and for creating an interdisciplinary graduate research and education model that facilitates a student-centered and engaged learning environment focused on teamwork. The collaborative nature of the IGERT project was highlighted for its local and international scope and for enabling the creation of tools to manage and solve real-world complex problems.