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Impacts of ultraviolet radiation

Research Achievements

Impacts of ultraviolet radiation

Jeremy Mack investigated the impacts of ultraviolet radiation (UV) using the EARS IGERT mobile buoy system on host-parasite interactions. Broad surveys were conducted in 21 lakes in the Beartooth Mountains. Zooplankton samples were collected and monitored for chytrid infections while subsequently collecting optical characteristics and abiotic conditions of the lake. The impact of UV was further tested in a controlled laboratory experiment. This experiment tested whether UV had detrimental effects on host quality and if these effects were translated into subsequent generations of parasite spore production. Furthermore, in order to enhance existing host-parasite epidemiological models, a real-time PCR method for enumeration of parasitic zoospores in environmental samples was developed. Jeremy has presented the results to his guidance committee and the findings will appear in future manuscripts.