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Webinar on liquid crystals

Education Achievements

Webinar on liquid crystals

To help education trainees and other students/faculty about the application of liquid crystals in sensor technology a webinar and accompanying half day conference was held. The event featured speakers including Leff, Bade, Woolverton and one of the trainees (Valerie Finnemeyer) along with presentations from four faculty from the Kent State Liquid Crystal Institute (LCI). In addition to a live audience on the Kent State campus, the event was broadcast using the webinar feature of LCI speakers and topics were: Oleg Lavrentovich-Lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals (LCLCs) based sensors, Qi-Huo Wei - Sensors at Nanometer Scales, Deng-ke Yang - Cholesteric Liquid Crystals for Sensors, and Valerie Finnemeyer - Liquid Crystal Optics in Portable Sensors. The webinar was open to the IGERT community and our external evaluator, Virginia Anderson, participated and viewed the event favorably.