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Interdisciplinary integration in CiBER

Education Achievements

Interdisciplinary integration in CiBER

The CiBER IGERT research-based teaching lab embodies the core philosophy of interdisciplinary integration. Teams of biologists and engineers work side-by-side, making original discoveries with state-of-the-art research equipment. We focused on teaching trainees to contribute to and benefit from other disciplines. Biology Trainee Marc Badger's views represent this educational experience when he states, "By far, the most crucial component of my interdisciplinary education has been the biomechanics laboratory course, in which I learned and implemented cutting edge biomechanics techniques with a group of four bio-, electrical, and mechanical engineers. I learned to identify and combine other people's strengths with my own in order to create the best outcome." Engineer Trainee Carlos Oroza expresses the lab's value stating, "This lab has opened my eyes to new ways of analyzing physical systems, and has inspired me to advance my research in directions I would not have previously considered."